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Many curly girls will use a bonnet to cover their curls and protect them while sleeping. Unfortunately, these bonnets can sometimes make you feel like a grandmother, and they typically fall off at night.


Mauves All Satin Hair Wrap is a revolutionary hair care product that works to naturally condition your locks promoting growth, boosting thickness, extending shine, and reducing frizz. Chic enough to wear any time of the day, Mauves hair wraps provide a secure and protective layer between your hair and everyday environmental stressors - UV rays, dry air, humidity. It also provides a protective layer between your hair and abrasive sheets at night, preventing damage to your hair cuticles and eliminating the bed head. Wake up with beautiful, healthy-looking locks every morning!


These hair wraps are so chic you can also wear them poolside with a beautiful pair of sunglasses to help protect their hair from the harsh elements of the sun.


Mauve's hair wraps provide protection for all hair types, including extensions, wigs, and weaves.